Friday 27 May 2016

"l Landed On Top Of Mr Darboe Who Was Then Bleeding Profusely On The Head'Femi Peters

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Following the procession towards Africell on Kairaba Avenue we were attacked

around the FIB Building just after comium by some Plu officers who came down

from a truck. one of them identified me with my yellow T' Shirt and informed his

fellow officer "he is one of them, can't you recognize him'" From that moment

on they hit me with their batons. They wore boots which they used to kick me on

my left hip where I had a fracture before'

l was then asked to climb  the   truck and l said l couldn,t  c|imb inconsequence

of which I was forcefully thrown into the truck and l landed on top of Mr Darboe

who was then bleeding profusely on the head' From Kairaba Avenue I together

with others were taken to the plu Headquarters in Kanifing.

As we descended from the truck Mr. Darboe was slapped by a Plu officer on the

reft cheek and one of us Dodou ceesay said to the said officer "you are treating

unfairly those of us who are standing up for you and he too got a slap and a blow

across his face.

I was assisted to come down from the truck into the premises of the Plu' we

were then asked to assemble and then we were examined'

Later on in the evening of 15th April 2016 I was called and asked to make a

statement which I said I would not do until I get to court. I was called again the 2nd

time that night and told that I am by charged with unlawful assembly and that I

shourd make a statement. Again r tord them r do not want to make any statement'

The following day sunday those who were injured were given medical assistance'

rn the evening we were taken to mire 2 centrar prisons and photographs taken of

ail of us and some of us incruding myserf were escorted to so[tary confinement

without access to a lawyer. The cell I was taken to is a room 2 meters wide with a

small door, no mattress and the place was full of cockroaches' rats and

insects/mosquitos. lt was only 3 days later that I was moved to a different cell'

some of our personal belongings were taken from away from us at Mile 2 such as

my house keys and mobile phones of other persons'




This >4- daY of MaY 2016



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